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Dear women, this retreat is a response to a higher calling and the promise that the Divine Feminine is taking again Her place on Earth. This is already happening now on Earth, and women are called  to rise to their sacredness and to make this place we call home, sacred again.  The awakening of the Divine Feminine on Earth is the awakening of the whole planet, and women are those who bring this change, they carry it inside their wombs, they become the light themselves, the love, the joy and the abundance.They open the new paths for themselves and others.

We open the Temple for the Sacred Feminine and we invite women to return back to the Temple.

What we aim to offer in this retreat is:

  • a door to a new reality, a different perspective of life that is always possible and remains dormant until in a moment of clarity you decide to return Home. 

  • an opportunity to shut doors from the past which drag you back to darkness and traumata. 

  • to delete from your system outdated beliefs that shrink your hapinness and sabodage your self worth.

  • to release from your energy information about old structures of limitation, emotional imprisonment and powerlessness. 

  • empowerment that comes from your own inner resources. We unlock the rooms that you can access your inner possibilities. 

  • to give you daily rituals for your soul and your body. Keeping sacredness alive every day!

It is all about  the re -awakening of your Shakti Power and a new manifestation of yourself.

At the same time you will experience a wonderful company of other women,  who just like you follow their own calling to sacredness, empowerment, embodiment and joy! 

We combine our knowledge and our special qualities to make this retreat feels like a pilgrimage to yourself and as complete and integrated experience as possible. Our work is a blend of different healing tehniques, traditions and knowledges. A meeting point of the sacred wisdom of the Women of Ephesus, the Salt Worlds, The source of Tantra, the Essenes and Female Christ Light. 

4 Full days in Light, Love and Spiritual accompaniment!


Retreat Leaders:


Alinea is a spiritual teacher, trainer, coach and author, with a deep wisdom on Female spirituality. A big part of her knowledge is about awakening and  embodiment  of the Sacred Feminine in Women. 

Salica is a Spiritual Mentor and Trainer with a special love for guiding women into their power and reminding them their sacredness.

20 years of experience in healing and leadership trainings


The retreat will take place in Protaras area, which is a touristic resort, specifically on the eastern coastline of Cyprus.


There is organized accomodation  for you at Herbal Boutique Hotel & Spa that meets all the standarts of this retreat, as we want to combine modern spirituality with quality and luxury in a very comfort and elegant enviroment. 


Awakening the Divine Feminine is between

10 -13 of August in Cyprus - Protaras

In details:

  • 1st day: We open the Temple for the Sacred Feminine

Preparing the path, experiencing Sisterhood, shakti fires and etc

  • 2nd Day: Releasing the Old

deleting old structures and traumata, beliefs and inaugurating self worth

  • 3rd Day: Bringing the new Energy 

5 Initiations to the Path of Sacred Femininity

  • 4th Day: Embodiment of The Sacred Feminine

Core competencies, Integrating aspects and qualities, daily rituals, celebration

The energy exchange is 6781 Euros - seminar with accomadation and half board!

There is an 12% Early bird discount for all the beautiful souls in female bodies

that will book with us until 18th of May 2023.

There is transfer from the airport of Larnaca and back on request.

For more informations and to book your place and to receive the special discount contact at: &

Lots of      Salica and Alinea

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